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Fiber Optic Construction

Hawkeye Fiber Optics provides a wide range of fiber optic construction services on existing and new plant for our customers.  We specialize in fast and efficient aerial, underground and premise construction applications.  From schools and data centers to cell towers and business class customers, we’ve run the full gamut of installations.

We specialize in constructing: 

  • Messenger Strand

    • 6M Build (1/4”)

    • 10M Build (5/16”)

    • Required Guying

  • Aerial Fiber Optic Cable 

    • Jigged & Lashed

    • Aerial Maintenance Loops

  • Make Ready/Pole Transfers 

    • We are an approved contractor for the following pole attachers in the State of Maine:

      • FirstLight Fiber

      • GWI

      • Charter

      • Tidewater Telecom/Lincolnville Communications

      • Axiom Technologies

  • Underground Fiber Optic Cable 

    • We specialize in telecommunications underground work including vibratory plow trenching and excavation.

  • Customer Premise Work

    • From network tie-in to customer demarc, we install drops and service terminals required for a wide range of network infrastructures.

    • Protected Network: We offer and install a variety of products to protect your network, from EMT to rollable duct.

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